Coaching & Events

Let’s stir up some awesomeness and create the life you’ve been putting off because you were “supposed to” do a hundred other things first! Yes, I know what it’s like. Waiting until your career takes off (the one you didn’t like in the first place), waiting for the right relationship, waiting until the kids leave the nest, waiting until there’s more money or a more convenient time. Really?

How much longer are you willing to tolerate a life that doesn’t light you up?

Sometimes you feel like life isn’t all that bad ~ it’s just not fabulous. So you stick with it hoping that if you do what you’re “supposed to” things will work out. Look, time is short and there’s so much greatness to experience before you check out!

If you’re ready…really committed…to squeezing much more joy and fulfillment out of life, let’s talk. Whatever a fabulous life looks like to you, we’ll discover if I’m the right coach and mentor to help you create it. But only schedule a conversation if you’re ready to show up 100%. It’s not about me fixing you. It’s about us working together to do great things. Being coached requires an investment of time, boldness and resources but it is SO worth the effort.

Whether we dive into private one-to-one coaching, a laser focused mini retreat in a spectacular destination or an upcoming event, you have my promise to be of the highest service with compassion, integrity and just enough tough love to propel you forward.

Ready? Just click here and let’s start the conversation!



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