Invisibility Is NOT A Superpower

Do you remember a time as a child when you imagined having superpowers? Maybe you wanted to be able to fly like Superman or twirl around and become Wonder Woman. Who wouldn’t want to rock that sparkly red and blue outfit? It was fabulous to think of all the magical things you could do. Maybe you thought about what it would be like to become invisible. You could walk in and out of rooms without ever being noticed or cause a few shenanigans and never get caught. Surprisingly, invisibility is pretty easy. In fact, it’s quite possible you’ve tried it already.


Woman looking out rainy window

Women are often masters at invisibility but I can assure you, it is NOT a superpower. Maybe you were taught not to brag or show off. Maybe you were told that your unique talents needed to be reined in. You certainly didn’t want to get “too big for your britches!” And I’m betting you weren’t encouraged to be very vocal with your strong opinions. (I managed to work around that one by joining the debate team.)


Instead, our heads were filled with all sorts of ideas about how we should behave, how to fit in, what to wear, what careers to choose and on and on. For me, that never felt quite right and yet I somehow managed to become a master of invisibility.


Recently I was in a room with a group of fellow speakers, most of whom did not know me well. Each of us was asked to share one thing we would like the others to know about us that was not common knowledge. From somewhere down in the depths of my being came a voice. It was the voice of my visible self. Not the voice of the woman who had become conveniently invisible. Here’s what I said.


“What you don’t know about me is that I have a bold, colorful freak flag that most people never see.”


I had become way too good at being invisible ~ in my website, in my words, in my life.  It was a huge ah-ha. But that’s about to change so stay tuned!


How about you? Where are you hiding out in your cloak of invisibility? Maybe you’re not speaking out about what you want in this one amazing life. Maybe you’re compelled to be invisible so others around you can grab the spotlight. Maybe you’re just afraid to fly that freak flag because of what others might think.  I’m daring you here and now. No more hiding. Trade that cloak of invisibility in for a bright red cape or red and blue sparkles! I promise, they’ll be just your style.


  1. Sara Korn says:

    The thing is, when you’re good at being invisible, there’s not just one thing about people don’t know. A good half of you they don’t know. 🙂 I just realized that this morning; how interesting to now come across this post.

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