Let’s Get Naked

Imagine peeling off the layers of all the roles you play, all the “supposed-to’s” that define the life you’ve been living. What would happen if you pulled away The Nurturer, The Caregiver, the one who’s supposed to bandage wounds and kiss boo-boos? What about The Shrinking Violet, the one who’s supposed to push down her talent, her genius, and her energy to keep the peace? Or maybe there’s The Damsel in Distress, waiting for the right person, the right situation, the right you who’s supposed to show up so you can finally live the life you’ve been longing for?

Whatever your roles and supposed-to’s, there’s a woman behind them who’s ENOUGH to build the life and legacy she truly desires.

The question is…Will you stand up for her—now—just as you are?

Choose Your Adventure

I’ve lived through enough roles and supposed-to’s to build and lose a multi-million dollar business. And as I’ve recovered from this loss, I’ve emerged into a truer version of myself, learning what it means to face life’s biggest questions. Who am I, really? How do I want to show up in the world? By being the most courageous, confident ME possible, what legacy will I create?

I’m thrilled to embody the answers to these questions in an ongoing adventure with women all over the globe. Making life-affirming changes with some amazing human beings, I enjoy a thriving marriage and many laugh-til-it hurts conversations. I’m relishing the outdoors and my love for dogs. Plus, I’m taking the time to savor dark chocolate, good books, silence, and so much more!

It’s Time To Start Showing Up

Your idea of adventure may be different from mine, but that won’t stop me from being fully committed to helping you live it. And I’m not afraid to piss you off in order to make that happen. If you’re hiding behind a life and identity that don’t serve you, I’ll call you on it with a mix of brutal honesty and compassion, while giving you tools to free yourself. Let me warn you, I’m not here to fix you. I’m here to show up 100% for the woman who’s ready to show up 100% for herself.
See what can unfold.

So, are you ready to stop waiting? If you want to show up in the world as your most courageous, confident self, I’m here to help you do it. Let’s have an exploratory conversation to see if I’m the right no-bullshit mentor to guide you on your path to a life and a legacy you love. Simply click here to choose a convenient date and time to talk. Let’s create some fabulous magic together! Simply click here to choose a convenient date and time for an exploratory conversation.

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