Where My Legacy Meets Yours

Hitting A Wall And Thriving

“Supposed to.” From who I am as a partner in love, to a partner in business, to a partner in women’s empowerment—none of it would be possible without banishing the words, “supposed to,” from my life.

Like countless women, some of my key supposed-to’s surrounded marriage and family. This meant supporting my spouse at the expense of my own dreams and identity. When my now ex-husband shoved me into a wall over a seemingly trivial event, it became a defining moment: I woke up to the question of who I really was, what I wanted, and how to live it.

For years after my marriage ended, I was completely self-reliant. I took up backpacking. I started taking risks and learning much more about who I was at my core. Through this journey, I discovered that I held the power to create the life and legacy I truly desired. And the more I connected with this power, the freer I was to thrive. Now, life’s an adventure supported by a loving marriage and invigorating relationships all over the world!

Self-Realization Meets Global Impact

When women become crystal clear about who we’re meant to be and how that comes to fruition, we can create a legacy that makes a global impact. Your legacy is not what you think—it doesn’t require a big wad of cash or a household name. Instead, my mission is to help you wake you up to the fact that the sooner you take a stand for the life you desire, the sooner you can change the lives of many.

Whether your legacy manifests in empowering younger women and children to live their truths now, improving third world living conditions, or simply giving an extra pair of socks to your local homeless shelter—I’m here to help you live it!

Work With Your No-Bullshit Mentor

Your life and legacy aren’t going to wait for you. If you want to show up in the world as your truest, most impactful self—you’ll need the support of someone who’s been in your shoes, and is fully committed to helping you create a life and a legacy you love. Want to discover if I’m that someone? Simply click here to choose a convenient date and time for an exploratory conversation. I can’t wait to see what unfolds!


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