Your Legacy Is Not What You Think

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Someone I knew once shared that, aside from food and water, one of the most appreciated items for a homeless person was a fresh pair of socks. Without going into detail, let’s just say he had firsthand knowledge. Such a simple item but the thought intrigued me.


Lately, my husband and I have been putting together “care bags” and carrying a few in our car. These are gallon size ziplock bags with things like toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, some snacks, a couple of dollars and…a fresh pair of socks. Tonight, a young man stood at a street corner where I waited for the light to turn green. He held a hand written sign asking for help. I reached into the back seat, grabbed a bag and rolled down my window to hand it to him. His eyes brightened as he said, “Wow, socks! Thank you.” Until that moment, I really didn’t understand the full impact of a good pair of socks.


I often talk to people about leaving a legacy and I’m met with the thought that legacy equals a big wad of cash. Sure, if you’ve got it, by all means set up a foundation, donate big checks or buy a pallet of groceries for the local food bank. You absolutely should! But if you think that’s the only way to leave a legacy, open your eyes and look around.


If you think that the only way to leave a legacy is with a big wad of cash, it’s time to open your eyes and look around!



Legacy means leaving your mark on the world the best way you can starting NOW. It means living in a way that fills you up, inspires you, brings out your compassion, fuels your sense of purpose and then radiates out in such a way that every person you meet feels the flow of your energy and catches the spark. What are you waiting for?


Yeah, sometimes legacy is a big wad of cash. But tonight, legacy was a little compassion and a fresh pair of socks for a fellow human being.



  1. Beautiful! Thank you!

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